i just post random shit that is usually one of the following: rupaul's drag race, gaming stuff, funny crap, a lot of men also
if you like any of that you may enjoy this blog!! also i'm rly gay and i'm australian so yay

I was having a great time out for dinner for my Mum’s birthday, then what song comes on the radio? Our song, well the song that was our song, and that just killed my mood, just to top my day off.

I prefered it when I was in Echuca, and I had no chance of running into you, and having an awkward encounter.

Now I’m seeing you everywhere, and it’s just shit.

Not to mention my phone being all shit and just losing battery without me using it, went from 40% -> 15% in like 2 minutes, and it was really hot to touch and just ugh, also had no reception in the middle of my suburb which isn’t that rural, and Optus can gtfo.

Fair to say it hasn’t been my day today.