i just post random shit that is usually one of the following: rupaul's drag race, gaming stuff, funny crap, a lot of men also
if you like any of that you may enjoy this blog!! also i'm rly gay and i'm australian so yay
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Tammie Brown… There are really no words.

yay for getting matched against platinum players when i’m silver

and then they get on their high horse and tell me not to complain because: “it’s only normal games” and “it makes you play better”

bitch fuck off, it doesn’t make me play better, it makes me despise the game and i don’t enjoy it one bit. if that was “practice for ranked” as you said it was then i don’t wanna play, losing so easily to a player clearly a lot better than me when it’s supposed to be fair matchmaking is not my idea of fun or challenging it’s downright unfair

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This is more important than u ppl talking about dicks