i just post random shit that is usually one of the following: rupaul's drag race, gaming stuff, funny crap, a lot of men also
if you like any of that you may enjoy this blog!! also i'm rly gay and i'm australian so yay
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Please Like Me 2x07 intro

You know, Sakora. Anyway, everybody was drinking Health Potions and then it started to get wild and people were getting freaky in the bottom lane and stuff, I look over and there was your girl getting buckwild in the dragons den with a minion! I mean that's nasty. That's-that's lower than a Super Minon. At least Super Minon's can give you larger DPS. She don't love herself

is this you henry LOL

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this is how gay people communicate 


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You know gay for pay guys in porn are just using you for money, right?



And so are gay performers in gay porn, and waiters, and actors, and doctors, and school teachers and bus drivers.  Should I go on, or do you take the point?

If you want to only engage with people for whom there is no financial incentive, you will be left with pretty much your mom.  And there is an argument that would exclude her too.

Welcome to economics, sweetheart.